20 Year Anniversary Annual Edition

Edition #172

Welcome to the 172nd edition of Connect Magazine North Qld. Wow that’s a lot of magazines! I’ve calculated that over the 20 years we’ve distributed approximately half a million copies of Connect!
The journey of the magazine has been laced with synchronisities and this edition is no different. Edition 172 breaks down 1+7+2 = 10. The number of completion and wholeness.

I want to thank all that have contributed to the magazine over the years. In this edition I have added two of my favourite and most famous interviews over the years and of course you’ll find all your favourite regular features and inspirations to keep you going until our next edition.


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The local holistic magazine of FNQ


Can you imagine a herbal medicine that improves your energy and stamina, supports your immune system, calms your nervous system, and increases your ability to cope with any type of stress, regardless of the source of the stress? Let me introduce you to… Eleuthero! 

Three Interpretations

Three dervishes who had resolved to find Truth arrived at the home of the one of the great teachers. They asked him to help them; and for answer the took them into his garden. Picking up a stick of dead wood, he walked from one bed of flowers to another, striking off the blooms of the tallest of the plants.

Astrology - May 24 - May 25

‘To see the Universe in a grain of sand, to see Eternity in one moment” so wrote the poet William Blake as a definition of enlightenment. I know just how he felt: to contain a full year of astrological wisdom in one small article!? Well, let’s dive in and take an astro look at the year from May 2024 – May 2025.


Cumin is not an essential oil that is commonly found in retail aromatherapy ranges and is not particularly enjoyable (in my opinion) to use just for its aroma, which is a spicy, green, warming curry like aroma with punch. It’s a workhorse oil. It’s an amazing energising and grounding oil.


Mookaite is only found in WA (the Kennedy Ranges near Gascoyne) making it quite rare in the rest of the world, but relatively common in Australia. Being of “our land” it seems to works really well with our bodies, help us find that “Common Ground” within. It’s name means “flowing water” 

Gardening - Pigeon Pea

A legume, wood shrub or small tree, 1-4m tall with a deep taproot to 2m. Young stems are angled and pubescent. Flowers are usually yellow and purple with red streaks or plain red. Seeds are oval to round and vary from light beige to dark brown. 

Mushroom Delights

Discover the health benefits of incorporating more mushrooms into your diet with these simple and budget-friendly recipes. From breakfast to dinner, these dishes are designed with common ingredients, making them accessible to all. Enjoy delicious meals that are quick to prepare. 

Feng Shui Annual Energies

Dragon years are famous for being powerful significant years. The Dragon is the only mythical creature out of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals indicating a year of mystery and intrigue, when anything is possible.  2024 also marks the beginning of a new powerful 20 year universal cycle

Animal - Fireflies

Fireflies are beetles that inhabit tropical jungles and temperate woodlands around the world. In many regions, their colourful glow after dark signals the arrival of summer. As ethereal messengers, Fireflies can offer bright sparks of hope when we are traversing the dark night of the soul.




Kindness crew of FNQ

Spread kindness throughout the community in a variety of fun and unique ways.